“Hello, I’m Jane Pitchford. I am an experienced Artist, Designer, and Business Specialist”


I studied graphic design and advertising back in the day and worked in an assortment of businesses (restaurants, music industry & IT), before starting my own design agency in 2008. Having worked in the business end of a variety of companies I have had first-hand experience into how businesses operate. Over and above the aesthetic part of the design, I do like to focus on the why/what/how of things so that my clients get what they need and have the tools to fulfill their objectives.

I have an interest in user experience (UX) and e-commerce to provide holistic and well-thought-out concepts, online platforms, and visual tools. I love figuring out people’s way of thinking and the psychology of things.


I studied Art & Design at the Cape Town Technical College and have been drawing and painting tiny illustrations since 2008 from my home studio in Plettenberg Bay. I spent many years living in London, missing nature terribly, so my drawings and paintings are mostly of the plants and animals that were from my childhood and so uniquely from my home in South Africa. 

I have a passion for all things tiny, from the whisker on an Elephant Shrews little nose to the wings of an Oxpecker bird, not much bigger than the actual pencil point that I use. Each drawing or painting provides an opportunity to study the flora or fauna in immense detail. My range of pencil illustrations are all 8cm’s in size, often the tip of my pencil making a line no larger than a millimeter or two to create a whole eye, claw, or paw of a creature.

Let me know if I can help you to bring your ideas to life. 


Pitchford Art & Design – July 2017 to Present

Designer, Artist, Marketer with a spotlight on User Experience.

On2Love – July 2015 to July 2017

Art Direction and Design. 

Paisley Dog Graphic Design – March 2008 to June 2015

Graphic & Web Designer.

Streetwires – October 2004 to March 2008

Product Development Manager.

Pinacl Solutions UK Ltd (Tyco International) – May 2000 to April 2004

Operations Co-ordinator & Tender Manager.

Warner Music Group – March 1997 to April 1999

Royalties Coordinator.